Haunted By Past Love

OK so I've now been married for almost 13 years and I love my wife very much but I'm still haunted by a past love. I hear a certain song on the radio or catch a scent of a perfume and I fall into a dream like state and remember the wonderful times, the laughing and the loving we shared. I really don't think I can love anyone else like I did her. I ended our relationship and I broke her heart but it was the wrong time for us. I know she has married someone else since and it appears she is very happy with her husband and I truly hope she is but I wonder if our love has haunted her like it has me over the years.
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2 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I'm going through the same thing. I haven't seen this women in 21 years. I'm married she's married. For some reason I woke up a few months ago, in the middle of the night and haven't stopped thinking of her since. It really sucks, you feel guilt because you are married, yet long for your lost love.

Timing and coincidences...blows my mind. If you left her, and she still loves you- there is no doubt she feels at least some of the same things. It was a long time ago and I wonder how different you'd both be now. Had you never contacted her over the years? When we make desicions its because we think its for the best, we have no other choice, we know no other way...whatever it is, so you cant beat yourself up about that part of it. I left the guy i was with for 10 years six months ago. And long story short, im at this point where i feel like i should..or need to try again with him. Its almost like i know ill regret never knowing. I think it may also just be that im afraid ill never meet someone better. I hate saying that, because its kind of like saying im settling. Im at a point where i dont know if i love him...anyway. I fear he'll marry and have children and ill never meet someone who compares. Yet at the same time, i needed to separate. My short story is turning long...but yes no doubt its on her mind too.