Its The End Of The Road For Me

I just hope it doesn't kill him.

I'm sorry Shane



You are my everything

My eyes for staring

The feathers of my wings

Your eyes, love, caring


You made me whole

I’ll break your heart in two

My mood as black as coal

You haven’t a clue


I break

I reel

Your flawless, loving heart at stake

layers, I begin to peel


I’ve not known you long

Though unwrapped you

Kissed you, held you, loved you wrong

Every mood now is deeper than blue


Be strong, steel

Draw taut, pull, release

This world we see; not real

Like a dove, your warmth a velvet fleece


You will realize soon

You can no longer wrap your arms

Your heart this may wound

But devoid yourself alarm


I miss you

Why me?

Not the same without you

Now I see


What is it like to lose a lover?

Hurt, agony, terror, alone

I never wished to hurt another

But this black has inside of me grown


A hole torn, can’t be replaced,

But nothing is missing

The hole instead a space

Hurting comes with wishing


Loss of life will come to all

Not a loss though,

After all

You still have me



I’m still here



I’m still here with you shane

I’m not gone

Feel me next to you, not the pain



But my love hasn’t drawn

The final arrow from its quiver

I’ll still shoot for your heart

My last message delivered:

My last I love you, death can’t keep us apart


How ironic, the way everything ends

I’ve found a way to cheat creation

With the message I send:

Simply, I love you.


goodbye, my first, last, and only

please dont hate me

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1 Response Mar 5, 2010

did you die after this post? just really curious!