A Bit Twisted?

i cant forget. i try and try but it's always there and it's such a curse...or blessing...i wish someone could help me but i dont want help. it's like a duel nature sorta thing.. im not gonna share my story except that it began when i was 3-4 ish. u can guess. then we moved and they ran tests on me and i had no friends and ppl hurt me a lot so i became a recluse. then i found a mask to where, so no one knows who i am. all they see is my drop dead gorgeous mask.
wildlark wildlark
18-21, F
1 Response May 15, 2007

Aww. I feel sorry for you, but I'm sure that the person behind the mask (id est you) is more beautiful and wonderful than the mask ever can be! Well, at least I can hope that you are comfortable with who you are, 'cause that is what is most important. And I know, forgetting a traumatic past is never easy, I've also had a somewhat troublesome past at times...<br />
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Even though it is impossible to forget the past completely, try to enjoy the present to the fullest extent; the present is the present and will never be present again, it couldst only be the past in the eyes of future!