I Love Him But..

My boyfriend cheated on me during the first month we started dating with his ex gf. He would talk so much crap about her and call her a **** and say she nasty and all this bad stuff. She told me that he cheated on me but before all that, he told me that she would probably be telling me all these crazy stories. So when she told me..I didnt believe it. I started thinking about it more so I talked to her. She said he cheated on me. And the weekend she said he did, was the weekend we didn't hangout. The ONLY weekend we didn't. I asked him repeatedly about it and he would deny deny deny. He denied it for 5 months. ON our 5 months I went to see him at work and earlier that day I had been messaging her off his account and got all the details. After nagging about it for about an hour, he admitted it. This is a man I completely gave everything too. I know I'm young, but I knew he was the one. We had planned out our whole lives together. We are still together but I think about it everyday. I have nightmares about it. I dont know what to do. I love him so much but I constantly worry. He spoils me like crazy and has bought me a real ring and is the best bf you could imagine. But I can't get over it. I think about it when he kisses me when he looks at me. While WE have sex. I don't know how to get over it. My world is shattered because I built my life around him. I know it was early in the relationship but what do I do?! Please help me. Don't say I'm too young ever.
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Oh no. Run in the other direction girl! This guy is obviously an ******* and he is using your insecurities against you. Why would he talk so much **** about his ex gf ? If he knew all of this about her why did he go out with her in the first place ?I'm young too but I know bs when I see it. He wants to boost your ego by talking crap about his ex and buying you material things. He is blinding you with all that love and attention so you won't be able to see the real him. He is the **** and he is the one that is nasty because he cheated on his girlfriend within the 1ST freakin month! If he talks crap about his ex; he will talk crap about you and that is the truth. He seems like a manipulator. Do you know the saying "Follow your heart but bring your mind with you?" Your heart is blinding you from seeing this relationship for what it really is. Don't let your emotions take control because before you know it your heart will be torn to pieces and your bf will be on to the next one and talking crap about you. My ex bf did the same thing to me with his new girlfriend but he was trying to have his cake and eat it too while we were together. I was blind for 7 months but then I saw the real him. Get out while you still have a piece of mind. Your gut is telling you what to do but your heart won't let you listen.

love is about compromise and second chances, at least thats what i told myself. my ex cheated on me, she had depression and after helping her through it the first thing she did was cheat on me. i thought she was the one, we went out for 18 months and we had plans for the future and all i wanted to do was forgive her and fix it. i worked so hard at it but she didnt and in the end i couldnt trust her anymore. she never once did anything to make up for it and the only apology i got was a simple text message. she was too selfish to see the pain she caused me. in the end i found out she wanted rid of me for a long time and actually held it against me that i wanted to make it work and forgive her. i say if you can forgive do so, but dont forget and it says alot that he spoils you now. he knows he hurt you and seems to be trying to make up for it.