I Cant Forgive My Husband

I,ve been very unhappy for years,my husband doesnt like to do anything that i do,so I feel i give alot and get very little back. Everything has to be his way not to mention,he is a acoholic,with drug problems. Sept.of 2010 my dad got sick with cancer, liver cancer. He never drank and was the best man i ever knew,he could fix anything and could make anything and was such a kind man,one day a little bubble be had so much pollen on him he couldnt fly and my dad got a q tip and wiped enough pollen so that little bee could fly...I love this man so much and thought I married a man like him...anyways..when daddy got sick it was chemo,surgury,hospice and then the funeral,during this time my husband started doing "bath salts" and drinking like a fish. He showed up at my dad's furneral like this.oh my lord I have been thru alot with my husband but the salts was the worse thing I ever experienced. but what hurt the most was when i needed a white night in shinning armor to recue me from my hurt,my husband rode in and fell off his horse...I was horrified and so embarassed ! this week he came home from work..drunk.. and enformed me that he would never forgive for the way I treated him during my dad's illness ! I am so unhappy with him..what makes me stay? 35 years of abuse you'd think i'd wake up.
mermaid564 mermaid564
51-55, F
May 23, 2012