It Would Take A Miracle.

You left, when i was 13, and never even left a note. You could of cared less about me. I have to hear from one of my distant cousins that you've gotten married, and are ADOPTING child. im sorry, but why the hell are you adopting a child when you had a perfectly good one right in front of you? You were already divorced from dad a long time b4. Its not like you couldn't of taken me with you. I just don't get it, I wasn't that bad of a child.I tried my hardest. i got good grades. I tried to understand you. but it was kinda hard with you having multi personalities. And now your adopting a child from god knows where, and you cant even write me a letter. Or call. 4 years later. But i don't know if i want you to. im 17 you've already missed so much, why would you want to come back now? And i doubt you ever will. Maybe one day i can forgive you. but it is going to take a miracle.

Artemis17 Artemis17
18-21, F
Jul 15, 2010