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Tried - Failed

“I am your mother – I may ask and know what you are doing,” I get told in the most sarcastic, annoying tone of voice. I hate it when if something goes wrong, you throw all the mistakes I've made into my face. If you want to know about me, mother, stop assuming you know me. You know nothing. I am not you. I never want to be. When I chose subjects, you told me what I would take. Drama was the only thing I chose. Did you ever consider asking me what I would like to do? No. You though I want something. My friends get judged by you before you know anything about them and because of that I never tell you a thing about them. Not that that stops you. But you do that to Sis too. You notice how we never invite people over now? Why can you only like selected people? Why couldn't you like one of the people I really hoped you would? Would it be so difficult to ask what I want to do, instead of telling me what I am to do? Or asking who my friends are than rather telling me who you want my friends to be? Would it hurt so much to just for once ask what I want in a guy than give me step-by-steps I am supposed to follow which you think are right? Can't you ask me what I'm interested in, what hobbies I'd like out of school, than just put them off and say they are stupid? I work my butt off trying to get that 85% average you want me to get - I'm lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep a day. You have taught me so much: good values that yes, I do stick to, even if you don't always notice them. If I do something, I do it right. You broke all the trust I had in you. You took the one thing I wanted more than anything away. Perhaps it would have come anyway, but on it's own, you should have known better. I hated you. I said it to your face. I disowned you in my heart. I haven't apologised and I don't know if I ever will. Right now, even if I did, I would not mean it. So, why lie like you did to me? 
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 3 Responses Mar 21, 2011

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I probably make it sound worse than it it, Holz,, but sometimes that woman makes me want to hang myself. *shrugs* Maybe time will heal it, maybe not. I won't put my money on any possibility. Thank you very much. *hugs* Appreciate your support, my fruity friend. xoxox<br />
<br />
I know, FreeFallWall, but she takes it way too far.... Thank you, mera dost. *hugs* ♥<br />
<br />
Same likes, same taste in clothing, same music/movies, crushes on the same guys (meaning FFVII =P), same dreams... tad bit freaky. But then again, what isn't when us two are involved? =P Me too. If not me, at least you. You could use it so much more. *huggies* XoOxOoXoOxOoX

We have the same kind of mother now? <br />
<br />
*huggles tight* I know what you're going through, sistah. Hope one day we'll both be able to get through this.

Mothers are like that...<br /><br />
Peace to you.. don't disown somebody in your heart though. Its not worth it at all. Be good and be yourself.<br /><br />