She Kicked Me Out....

When I was 13 I was raped by my uncle (my mother's brother)... I told my mom right after it happened and she didn't believe me, well I became pregnant. She told me that I had to get an abortion but that is not a choice for me... She kicked me out and told me she didn't care were I went as long as she didn't ever see my again. I went to a friends house for a couple days but her mom wouldn't let me stay there. So I called my grandpa who was 4 states away and he let me come live there... So he flew to were I was living and picked me up.... We tried to get my close but my mom said I couldn't have them because she paid for them... After we got back to my grandpa's he bought me new clothes and and everything... After I got new clothes i shipped back the clothes that I took the night she kicked me out with a note that said "You paid for these too"... I had my daughter and 4 years later I found out I was pregnant again but this time with twins.... So now I am 20 with 3 little girls, My mother still has not seen one photo of her grandkids that I know of... I still can not forgive her for all she has done.....

BTW: My grandpa took me to the court house to file charges on my uncle... He got 10 years in prison with no parole and he has to go on the child abuse registry   
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dono't be sad as she might be not your real mother

Well I Im sure she is my real mother (biologically speaking) lol But she is not a true mother in any sence

Wow, Well done on moving forward, I find it hard to believe a mother can be like this and truly believe and will advocate criminal laws against such monsters. You are obviously a very special person to have not only came out of this without plummeting into the depressed realm but your carefree nature to post your photos suggest you are not victimised and show people that being abused is nothing to be ashamed of! It is simply not your problem. Best wishes!!

i feel for you honey,you are one strong beautiful lady!<3

I am sorry that your uncle only got 10 years in prison. If it were up to me, ppl who commit such hainessness deserve 10 years of toture, preceded only by a public castration.

I'm so glad your grandpa took you in, he's such a wonderful person! I can't believe your mom was like that, glad you're out of there, you deserve to be treated better. Also, I'm glad that you got justice and your uncle is in prison for what he did, he deserves it. You were also brave to tell your mom, your grandpa and to share your story. I hope nothing but the best for you and your children :-)

Your story is heartening, Kelsee; thanks.

this story had a good ending and it shows that sometimes karma works. your uncle is in jail, your mom is all alone, and you have your grandpa,husband and kids who love you :-) also, you almost finish college :-)

you have faced the worst in life,may god brings you endless happiness till heavens.

Wow. You really are a strong woman. My prayers go out to you.

When your family turns your back on you it is a hurtful thing, the victim should never be blamed.<br />
A child should feel same with their family members,your mother is suffering from massive denial. She does not want to believe her own brother would hurt you that way and that she has failed you as a mother. You are a survivor and it sounds like you love your children unconditionally. You are very brave and i commend you and you have a very good Grandpa, I miss my Grandma. I'd be a much better person if she were still here.

Thank you for posting this. You are one strong lady for sure. I am so glad that you have had the strength to turn your life around. Your mother was a weak, foolish, irresponsible person in the way she handled your attack and pregnancy. I don't blame you for not forgiving her. She hasn't exactly been pleading for your forgivemenss these recent years, has she? I am glad you found a family and that you have a good relationship with your children.<br />
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When I was young, I lived with an abusive man for two years, from the time I was 18 until I was 20. Once, when he had beaten me, I ran home to my mother and begged her to take me in. When I told her that my boyfriend was hitting me, she said, "Good!" Then she hit me! Then the phone rang and it was my abusive boyfriend and she told him, "Come get her. I don't want her." So I just wanted you to know that I, too, know that feeling of total betrayal, of learning that your mother does not care about you or your well being. We have both made in out of a bad situation and into a much better life. I commend both of us!

That is wonderful news I am proud that you were strong enough to get out of the relationship with that person. My mother has tried to make contact with me recently and I am thinking about going and seeing her with my daughters and husband. I think it is something I should do. I know I can never forgive her but she needs to understand that even though that happened my life still continued I am not the same person I was and that she doesnt have power over me anymore. I know if anyone of my daughter came to me with anything at any age I would believe them and support them 1000000%. I want them to know they can come to me for anything. My grandpa taught me that. I owe him in many ways. If it wasnt for him i don't think I would ever know what it would be like and to know how to love

U r very lucky to have a grandpa like him... support you that much. U might had bad experience in once but due to that you got lots of good friends like ur grandpa, ur hubby, ur kids... whom are always beside u... I think also u shud visit ur mother. so she would understand ur strength as well as supporters of urs... carry on my girl.... we all with you nd love you.... You are amazing woman...

some mothers are very cold to their children; I just don't know how they became mothers. I'm glad your life is better now.

Me thinks kelsee is not so weird! Hard working, compassionate, loving maybe. Where does the weirdness fit in? :-)<br />
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Good luck to you - your hard work will be the foundation of your new life. <br />
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Please pass on my Good wishes to a Grandfather who shows how men should treat women, especially when they are children needing our love support and encouragement. I'm glad you had someone to help you deal with a terrible event - with so many wrongs!<br />
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As to your mother's actions - it's hard not to judge but I can't imagine doing that to my kids ever. I respect their choices while trying to offer my knowledge and understanding. Maybe in time you will have an opportunity which allows you to understand the incomprehensible. <br />
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I'm not trying to minimise your mother's actions - merely to understand her motivation: it possible she blamed you? thought you'd seduced your uncle? lead him into trouble? (A 13 yr old isn't the adult in the situation - and shouldn't be held responsible for making good decisions). The fact that she didn't believe you in the first place is appalling. That must have hurt - not being believed and protected by the one who should have been there for you.<br />
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I know my mother didn't believe my 4 yr old sister when she said she'd been hurt in a similar way. I think that a case of not wanting to believe it had happened "on her watch" so to speak. It may have been easier for your mom to believe that a truthful girl has suddenly become a liar, than to believe an adult brother has become a sex-offender. The other conflict for her would have been that the victim was her daughter, and the offender her brother.<br />
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In any event, focus on those who help your life grow and who support you and your new family.<br />
You are an inspiration to your age group and to all of us who read your story. Your children will probably be curious about your mother and why she's not around. That she's not a good life example might be all that's necessary to say.

My children have asked especially my oldest (Liviana) because she is around more people in her class or whatever talk about their grandma's... I have not lied to her like say she is died or anything like that because I am hoping one day I will see her again not so much as I want to confront her about that but more about I want to prove to her that my life moved on and turned out to be pretty good... I just tell her and my twins that a long time ago me and grandma got into a big fight and that I moved to great-papa's house and that she live far away and it is hard for me to see her... but Liviana asks more about her daddy because even though she call my husband daddy and he has legally adopted her she knows that is not her real dad. I do lye to her about that for now because a 8 year old doesn't need to know everything about what happened... so I tell her that I had something bad happen to me when I was young but that something wonderful happened because of it... and that is her.

As for the weird part it is kind of a joke between my husband and I he calls me weird all the time because I am very quirky, and he thinks my name is spelled weird ( he thins it should be spelled Kelsey not see) but then he let me name our twins Dalanee and Davanee ( both with an ee at the end) but I call him a dork all the time so we are even

Wow you are amazing :D, so much strength. Keep at it man, your girls need to see that to be able to know to not get abused and to be honest with you if anything like that ever happens (God forbid).<br />
<br />
Wow, I hope your children, all of them bring happiness and joy to you the way no other will. God bless you :)

My kids are my life, I am super protective of them though sometimes my husband has to tell me to back off... But I hope and pray that nothing bad ever happens to them

You have an amazing strength to be able to go through this. I'm really glad that your grandpa supported you. Your mother was wrong in so many ways, and I don't think she deserves forgiveness. God bless, I hope things will work out with you!

Besides my kids and husband my grandpa is my everything... we has always been there for me... And thing are working out I am in college working on my masters... and living a good life

So often your hear of young women raped or abused by family members and then not believed and punished. You are a courageous woman with a future. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thank you that means a lot to me...