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Trying To Be Me

I just found out my mom slept with someone I thoght i could have a relationship with it never got togoanywhere becasue of the sleepng together it never will i feel so betrayed by her but this isnt the first time she has crossed lines trying to be me.
originalee originalee 26-30, F 2 Responses Dec 7, 2011

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so sad

Hi there, this behavior is unacceptable, and I think that you understand that or you wouldn't be questioning it.. Your mother must be pretty insecure and have low self esteem to chase down your prospects for dating? Maybe one day you will meet someone worthwhile that will stand up for you and tell your immature mother where to go.. Because if they don't they are not worth your time attention or upset.. Your mother is sacrificing her relationship with you for the thrill of a fling? I hope that you can understand that she must be in a very bad place to not recognize this.. I don't know what your situation is but do you need to be in such close proximity as her in your life? If you don't I suggest you give the relationship some distance and explain to her how you feel.. I believe that your mother loves you but she is not being fair to you and is playing with your feelings.. It may be helpful to get some counselling to help you work through your feelings about this, as she just sounds like she is in a bad place.. Don't allow that to stop you moving your life forward :-) I wish you much happiness :-)