Shouldn't Have To Pick A Side.

I guess I'm just posting to vent.

My mom's husband was always kind of a perv I guess. He made moves on me a few times but I brushed it off because the first time I told someone about it and then told my mom, she said he didn't mean anything by it. 
He would ask me to kiss him, hold his hand, he'd go into my room and just look at me. He even got into my bed once or twice. 
But I just ignored it. 
When I told my mom I had enough she said something to him about it and then he called and apologized.
And that was that. 

I have an 11 yr old sister and when I moved out of the house for college I was a little worried for my siblings. He's a little violent too so when he gets angry it bothers me what he would do to my brothers if they pissed him off. 
Seems like my mom just doesn't care. But anyway.

It was the week before Thanksgiving break and my aunt called me and said that my sister was moving out of my mom's house to live with my dad. Apparently she made accusations against my step dad about him crawling into her bed and trying to take her pants off. 
My mom wouldn't believe her. She went through my sister's diaries and I guess she had written stuff about how much she hated my step dad and wanted to live with dad and stuff but she never said anything about planning to accuse him of such things.

There wasn't enough evidence to prove anything and I don't really talk to my step dad anymore but my sister lives with my dad now and my mom wants nothing to do with her. She thinks my sister planned everything out just to get out of the house.
But what 11 year old comes up with that... I believe her and whatnot but the issue has been buried underneath the rug now. 

I'm leaving out a few details but I'm just really angry at my mom... one day my sister's going to look back on what happened and realize how angry she is at my mom for leaving her like that. For choosing someone else's word over hers. And they're relationship will never be repaired and my mom will have to live with that guilt forever.

And some things have come up between me and my mom and she's threatening to cut me out of her life and stuff. She already cut her brother out and my sister and she's willing to do that to me too.

I don't know what to think, really. I'm just so angry :/
I just don't understand how as a mother you can do that to your own child. 

My sister didn't do anything wrong... 
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1 Response Apr 5, 2012

It's really hard!!! Build a stronger relationship with your siblings! A bond so strong that nothing not even your mother can ruin... Prayers always help b4 they hurt