I Hate My Mom!

my mom is so cruel that she fight with a servant!... actually there is a girl from a village whos our servant and we hire for 24 hours!....... her mother is village my mom is sooooo crual and bad that she tak advantage!! it depne on my mother mood. She had no care of mine nor my cute small brother... we are dprressep my mom hit servant soo badly! we are scare of loud noises screams.. my dad is an income tax officer.. and go out of cities usally! and this happen soo pleas help me i beg u!!! pleasde
aghaali aghaali
13-15, M
1 Response Sep 28, 2012

Dear girl, your mom is cruel so keep your hopes and dreams close to your heart. Imagine your life and take steps to get your independence. go to school if you can and if even if you can't go to school be good at something that you enjoy and can make a living to support yourself. You are just one person, maybe you cannot save the servant but you have a good heart and would save every person in need if you could. Have peace and confidence knowing that you have a good heart and use that strength to carry on. One day when you have your independence you can reach out and help others and also have a healthy family of your own. Be careful to choose a husband or partner who is not cruel because you have learned from your mother that cruel people don't change, I have a cruel mom too. I will be thinking of you and I am your friend in spirit.