I Cant Forgive My Mother...

I hate her, she is an evil cow. My first memory is of her hitting my dad around the head with a frying pan. After that it is of her beating the crap out of my older brother, after that there is nothing because she wasn't there she left me alone with my sister and our to younger siblings whilst she went out partying, getting drunk and getting high. She has hit me before and kicke me out of the house 5 times the first time I was 7. I have spent nights on the streets and I am only 14. I have watched her take overdoses and slit her wrists. I have been in care and I have watched her get high. I have heard her having sex so much with random guys in the middle of the day. She took away my childhood, my innocence and I can never forgive her for that.
Hurtingisntacrime Hurtingisntacrime
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 25, 2012

Some people are just too damaged by life to do the right thing for their children. Live your life well - for your sake and for those you will love.

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