Holier Than Thou

Well lets see my mom divorced my my dad who abised alcohol when I was almost 2 my brother 5. Upon leaving she remarried when I was four and a half to a man a bit younger than her who ended up sexually abusing me for the next 6 years but also my brother and half sister. I can remember on one occasion myself crying out not literally but calling her at hospital crying because this man she barely knew was trying to make me do things to him I was scared she told me to go to bed I had a bad dream I was 6. Found out later that my sister told her she was being abused she replied by saying " what do you want me to do I love you both"? After anise was exposed she divorced him only again to marry within a year to man who became sick became verbally mentally abusive to all except sister she was smart she left. Had a half brother from the idiot my mom married who sexually abused us too. So new guy gets sick dies, two years later she remarries still married has a sweet life retired early has everything she wants. Will help anyone except her own children. I could go on but...
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Dec 2, 2012