I Dont Want To Miss You..

Its been about a year now since it seemed like my whole world was ripped away. Im doing better now new school, new life, new friends, and reconnecting with my family.. But i still think about my mom every day i wear her class ring just because i like the way it makes me feel like shes with me. She always seemed so normal the picture of a perfect mom, my best friend. When she changed everything changed the house was chaos my dad was confused my younger siblings looking to me for guidance it was so hard but i managed raising my younger brother and sisters.. Then i guess one day the mental problems she kept hidden for so long became to much and she snapped... I wonder what she thinks about and if she misses me or if the mental facility keeps her too drugged up to think.. I dont understand and i probally never will. I just wish she could hold me again and help me out with everything thats been going on.. and see her..
EmmyDebro EmmyDebro
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013