Thanks for having an affair when you were pregnant with my brother. Thanks for planning that abortion. Leaving me and my dad on the streets with no money. Spending that money on that plane ticket. I went to school with dirty clothes and I had no lunch everyday. Dad worked everyday, 20 hours a day just to keep the house. We didn't even had enough money for dinner. Dad let you go to college first so mom you could have an easy job than he could go next. Mom, you left before dad could go after his dream of being a doctor.

Your such an disgrace dad took you in when you got kicked out of your parents house.

Years later we were finally doing good. Even when that affair didn't work out we forgave you and bought that ticket back home. You just had to **** up and mess everything up. You leave again with another man.

Years later you come back and try to take me with you. I'd rather go live in the streets again than be with you. You leave again and go back to you man.

Now your married again, with a good job?!? Thanks mom. Have fun with your new baby girl.

Now that I think about it you don't deserve to be called mom, Joyce.
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So sad but so uplifting because of the way you and your Dad have coped and carried on. God bless you.

Thank you! Appreciate it.

That really sucks....
And i thought my mom was bad
Eh, i still would have preferred not to see her again

Oh dear, you clearly have been through a lot and I am amazed at how strong you have been. Many girls your age probably wouldn't be able to deal with the things you have been through. Stay strong and I wish the best for you. :)

Thank you :•)