The World Went From Beautiful To Sad Right Before My Eyes.

Growing up I seen everything in such innocence, believed there was good in everyone. Once I reached the age of 12 I began to see things and people for exactly what they were. I have experienced lies, cheating and people who just seem to have no feelings for others whatsoever. My biggest moment was with my current boyfriend, I put so much trust into him and believed every word he had said I just asked for no cheating or lying, I could understand if he forgot some things to tell me but to know he done wrong and hide it from me and always turn it over on me. I got pregnant at 16 with him, my parents were really cool about it they knew I was always the type to just take what life gives me and do my best, but his parents and him were another story. He lied, he had told me he told them but he really never. I wasn't long catching on when we went with them to holiday family suppers and they offered me alcoholic beverages. When confronted he fought with me and said he did tell them. I soon found out for a fact that he had not than when they did find out they actually flipped, called my parents and said I should have been locked away, never realizing their son was the older one that wasn't using protection. I never did get an apology but there went my trust for him which still isn't back almost five years later. How can I ever believe what he says anymore? What is the truth anymore when he fights so hard to cover up his lies. There has been many times since that he has lied and covered it up and pointed out my faults instead. I love him but everyone knows in order to have a healthy relationship, love is just not enough. We are doing couples counselling but it seems he still can't admit his own faults, just mine. He is a complete opposite of the man I fell in love with, I thought he was finally someone I could feel secure with but lately he makes me feel the most insecure out of all the people in my life. Every day he gets mad at me and says I do nothing, I look after the kids, bath them, dress them, feed them and cook supper for both of us as well. I scrub the washroom to the point you could almost eat in there. All he has to do is dishes and laundry which I help pack away, diaper changes, and get the steam vac and do the floors every second day which takes maybe 5 minutes seeing as we don't have a big house anyway. The most hurtful part for me is when I express how I feel he pretty much says it's my own fault. Sometimes he will feel bad and be nice to me for one night but guaranteed the next morning it's all back to the same old crap.
leanneandrews1991 leanneandrews1991
18-21, F
Nov 29, 2012