I Can't Forgive Both Of My Parents

The older i've gotten i realize... i will never forgive my step dad for molesting me when i was 15, he knew i had been sexually abused as a toddler ... by my mom's ex.. and in one case when i was 4 i actually had to go to court against a sex offender..... and then my ******* step father comes into my life... at age 6 is the only father figure i ever had and tries to sleep with me when i'm 15.. and my mother didn't do anything about it .. it took me so much courage to tell her and she told me i was old enough to protect myself and i should have been more careful with myself... so she stayed with him and he creeped me out with things he said ... he would talk poorly about my mother and tell me that he wasn't attracted to her anymore... and he would put his arm around me and tell me he didn't want to hurt me and he loved me... it was aweful! AND so i took matters into my own hands ... because i was scared and i didn't feel safe and i just wanted those feelings to go away ... i was so depressed ... i went to a teacher wrote her a letter. then she sent me to the school councelor who then contacted children and youth , who then contacted my mother who flipped out on me . 13 years later and guess what i realized today.. I NEVER EVER went to my mother again for anything important... tonight i talk to her about that.. because i'm going through a lot and I SHOULD be able to go to her, but understanding all my feelings can be overwhelming... I told her right now i understand my step dad's haealth isn't good and he might eventually die, but i don't ever have to forgive him for what he did to me and all the stress he put me through ... i understand why she stayed with him , weather i want to understand or not its her life... but I don't owe that man any of my time or graces... i respect him as a human being but i don't owe him nothing. THE END
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i can never ever forgive my dad for what he did to me. he broke my pelvic bone to where i can never enjoy having sex, and i can never have kids either.
i hope he gets what he deserves for hurting me.