It Makes Me Sick

My whole life I was a little chunky. Then I got tall and now I'm thin. It makes me sick to be this thin. Everyone always asks why I don't eat. You have no idea. I eat at least 7 meals a day and cannot gain weight to save my life. I've never weighed more than 135 pounds in my life and that was when I was 5 months pregnant. As soon as I lost my son the weight basically came off all at once. My Dr. has threatened me more than once to put me in the hospital because she thinks I am starving myself. In the last month I've actually lost 10 lbs and everyone that I'm not around all the time likes to joke and say I'm anorexic. Their comments hurt. I'm not saying I want to get fat or anything I just want to be healthy. With being as tall as I am and weighing as little as I do it takes a toll on your body. I get sick almost every other week. I have tried almost everything to gain weight and keep it on. I shocked my boss the other night at work (good old McDonald's) by eating a Double Quarter pounder with bacon added to it because she didn't think I could eat it all. I did.... And a large fry. I'm starting to think its not just a high metabolism that's causing my inability to gain weight.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

U r lucky in some ways, but i do not believe ur anorexic or even bulimic, so people say that cause they care and some jealous. I think high metabolism and sorry to mention it but the loss of your son can be putting stress on your body, and both just happen to mean u lose weight. BEST BET IS TO SEE A DOCTOR WHO UNDERSTANDS CASES LIKE URS
Hope to hear from u in the future