Not without burning first. Unless I use a sunless tanner. Right now I'm doing a combination of sunburning and using Palmer's Natural Bronze gradual tanning moisturizer. Seems to work well.
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Understand, I get a sun burn from the light bulb in the fridge.

Palmers.... I wonder if that's US only?

if you have to burn first, I wonder if that's really healthy or beneficial to you and your skin.

No tan lines I hope???

try baby oil... I like the coconut smelling stuff cause it ... well... smells like summer.. but it does pretty good too, I use it starting out every year, whether actually tanning or just working (with as little on as I can get away with).... and then you're all moistened from the oil, plus if ya get a frisky feeling, everything's all slippery too.. it can be fun with the right person.

Me neither I don't tan that's why I stay at the shadow at beach. Only when I go in water I'm at the sun for a few minutes.

Tanning ages your skin. Stick to the spray-on, and skip the burning.

Your tanning for to long start off with 5 or 10 mins each side then longer as you start to brown up

5 minutes is enough for me to burn