Breaking An Invisible Barrier

it is like i am living..or walking around in a bubble...a strong one that is...and i just cannot get close to people. im talking both physically and emotionally. it is always either i back away or the other person does it. i wonder why for ages. is it because i am different? but i am not that different. sure, my ideas can be intimidatiing and all but...why are they scared of me? or the better question..why am i scared of them, for goodness sake?! now that is one question that is going to remain unanswered for a very long time.

madamoiselle madamoiselle
18-21, F
4 Responses Jun 28, 2008

ive had my trust broken more times than i can count by the people closest to me ,who should know better, and the fact that they dont care makes it worse. So it makes it seem impossible to trust people and get close to them. I know that not everyone is gonna hurt me but there just seems to be this barrier between me and them.

i do this to because deep down inside i beleive that if any one got to rely know me they wouldnt like me.its a fear of rejection

I agree with the comments above, when people struggle with this area, it's usually due to some level of violation, be it trust, deceit, etc. I know for me that has been the case. Also, having the sense of people feeling intimitated by you I can relate. I've always felt honesty is the best policy, cliche' yet true, with tact and within reason? Many people struggle with this simple task daily. I've always been a straightforward, what you see is what you get type and never appear fearful of anything or anyone for most of my life and people have felt threatened by that? Never being over-bearing or obnoxious in any sense of the word, I'm far from that and more of the opposite. To some degree I felt exuding confidence has been a plus at times and a minus at others. Through counseling I've learned it was a survival skill for me based on my experiences and that's true.

You don't get close to people because you are afraid of getting hurt. Getting close to someone means opening up to them, telling them things about yourself. This makes you vulnerable to criticism, backstabbing, bitchiness etc. It's a safety mechanism.... Give yourself time and you will get use to it and use it to your advantage... You may not understand me now, but trust me you will in time...