I Have Major Trust Issues. ...

I have MAJOR trust issues. There are ppl I would say I'm close to but NO ONE that knows me completely...no one that I can honestly say I'm always 100% truthful with. I always tell half truths so that I don't give out too much information ya know. I'm always careful about what I say around ppl and I make sure I'm in control of what they see of me and who I portray myself as when around them. I'm a very nervous person when I'm around anyone...doesn't matter who exactly they are or how well or how long I've known them.

I know why I have the trust issues...I know why I can't get close to ppl. Just not 100% sure how to fix it ya know.

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2 Responses Aug 5, 2007

I do the same thing, too. I catch myself filtering out what I want to reveal to certain people. And the ones that I know I cannot trust, I give them very little information about me because I know they talk behind my back ( based on how they talk abt other people to me ). I've been betrayed so many times that this had become a precautionary method for me.

i understand. i've been hurt too many times to trust easily. and it is a lonley way to live.