Oral Sex Addict

Ever Since I was a teenager, I have loved the idea of giving and receiving oral sex. I would read and watch anything that had oral sex in it. I would get so horny and hard watching blow jobs or eating *****. I didn't care too much about the other kinds of sex. Eventually I got my first taste of a woman and it was better than I imagined. Just could not get enough even though the woman did, leaving me wanting more. My longest session was 45 minutes. I love giving and the taste and the feeling it gives me is over powering at times.

I would watch woman giving head as well as men giving head. Then it went from just watching all of the oral sex to it has to be a certain angle to watch and it had to be real and not pretend (pro). I mastyrbate to giving and receiving oral sex from men and women.

I am constantly wanting to eat ***** but not able to very often anymore. It's an addiction. When I do get it, I end up wanting more. I love getting head, the feeling and the sight and sounds are incrfedible to me. It just isn't enough. I end up ************ more and leaving unfullfilled. It's all I think about anymore.

I love to read real stories from people  and I have several true experiences I will share here from time to time. I am a exhibitionist as well as a voyeur. I am just addicted to sex, mainly oral sex and ************. I have a erection just thinking about it.

mickeyosl mickeyosl
51-55, M
1 Response May 13, 2010

my story is nearly identical so i won't bore you with it, but there is more than just you this happened to...