Ive Been In Bed For 3 Days And Have An Attitude

Whats the point of getting up? Im disabled and dont have a job, i just broke it off with my fiance, and my moms irritating boyfriend is home. I quit taking my Prozac and Nuerontin because I build up a tolerance quickly. I dont have an appointment until January, and no meds till then either. Ive been taking Benadryl round the clock so I dont have to care and usually I fall asleep. I doubt Ill go to the family Christmas, my family is falling apart and the last time I went I got a black lace dressy tunic and that was it and I have a huge family. My family doesnt even care so why should I?

Usually this is just a phase, like a manic, so well see if I ever get past it. It takes soooooo much just to barely make it every day. That makes me feel suicidal because I am disabled from a failed suicide attempt, and for about a year and I have just been sitting on my *** with no income, and it looks like Ill be doing for awhile, too. Thanks for letting me vent :)
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I have refused to take media because I can't get out of bed as it is. I know I'm depressed. I'm hoping I don't have a mental disorder. Mess make me sleep more. It's a sad existence

Oh my goodness I do know (from the distant past) exactly how you feel. I agree with you that medication isn't the long term answer; more power to you for wanting to do something yourself. Google for Professor Lewis Wolpert. He once said something on the radio that stuck with me, about how he noticed that people who habitually put others first, and had lower expectations of other people, rarely suffer from depression, so he trained himself to adjust, and (pretty much) overcame it. So did I

Wow, that makes perfect sense. I am definitely going to look him up and i am going to devise a plan to help me do that. Thanks!