Hurt, Lost, And Confused

My wife & I were boyfriend & girlfriend for three years, had a child, then we got married; I was 20 & she was 19. Three months after getting married I was incarcerated for almost 6 years, leaving my wife & son out in the Free World to manage on their own; or so I thought. During the firs year of my time in jail, my wife was there for me; constant letters, visits, & money on my books. After that first year she had an affair which she admitted to me, and I took it well and understood why. As time went by she slowly began to decrease writing, visit, or send money for a year or so. After my third year in jail she told me that she had been in multiple relationships since I've been gone, one of the guys was my best friend's little brother, another relationship was a three-way relationship with two guys and her at one time, but insisted that she still wanted to be married to me and continue our lives when I got out. Not only had she been having extra-maritial affairs, but she had also been dancing in *****-clubs. I've been home now for 10 years and we're still together, but the painful memories continue to dwell in my mind. I want to know how to truly recover and heal from such an experience. Is there anyone out there with a situation similar to mine that can help me deal with the pain?

DFromThe3 DFromThe3
36-40, M
Jul 15, 2010