Fuel On The Fire

I've been with my children's father for 9 years.. My mother passed away her death was a shock, I went visit while 8 months pregnant and watched her die in front of me from a massive heart attack.. I lost my way for awhile my dad went to prison 5 months after she passed then I find out my spouse was talking to a much younger girl.. I feel like he just tuned his back when I needed him most. He said he did it bc I wasn't listening to him well I'm sorry I was fighting my own depression I couldn't cater to him. I mean for once things needed to be about me I never skipped a beat I kept up with four kids and a new born . I can't let go of the fact he kicked me while I was down.. I need help moving forward...
Missdmc Missdmc
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Sooo hard when there are kids involved. Some people are so self centered.