Im a Joke

being cheated on is like the world is laughing and the jokes on you. its been a few months but the result of being cheated on, the way i found out is still much too humilating to talk about still. my self esteem is still wasted. you start to feel like a victim like why did you have to hurt me this way. you start to feel like everyones out to hurt you afterwards

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2 Responses Aug 29, 2008

Be strong. Your not the one to be humiliated its the cheaters. They are cowardly, shameful, low minded, unfriendly people. GROSS. Move on from that to something much more better.

Being cheated on is the most common thing happening today. The question is "Is it repairable". Can you forgive it if you have the chance?. You are not the victim believe me, he is. He has taken something he has worked at for a long time and threw it away for a roll in the hay that probably wont last long. Tell yourself you are the winner in the situation and you will come out of it better than him. hes the loser not you. Stop crying,wash you face, look in the mirror and tell yourself its not your fault its his and you are a pretty person. You have the qualities that any man would love to have and one of them is LOYALTY.!!MOVE ON.