He Lied About Cheating On Me

My husband finally confessed to me that he cheated on me.  I am still hurting deeply and probably always will.  He says that it's in the past and I am trying to cope with that,  but it is something that I can never forget.

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5 Responses Sep 25, 2008

Cheating is a serious thing. Especially if your married! You make vows to be with that person and be faithful. That should be sacred! And your husband broke that vow! I've been cheated on before and it hurts tremendously and i've never been married. But cheating still hurts none the less. I would suggest you go to conseling. Always helps to have third party mediate between a serious situation. I wish you the best. And hope ya'll work it out!

It's never easy to forget being cheated on. It lowers your self esteem tremendously. <br />
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I have to admit that I do have a pretty bad mistrust of "most" men. It's a proven fact they have a gene that makes them want and pursue sex to an animalistic level. <br />
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If they only had more morals perhaps that would stop them more often.

ahhh babe im so sorry i hope you can still see the good in men its just one bad apple thats all :)

i think you should get away from him. He just doesnt want to lose you cause your his wife but if he didnt want to lose you he shouldnt have cheated on you. Sorry im very harsh on these things. If someone cheated on me i would drop them in a second.

eh im sorry for what he did...