Too Good To Be True

I been single for 4 years. I always said i don't have time to date because i had school and would go to church a lot .But In February i met guy. We exchange numbers and that night he text me, talk till 3am even tho he had to go to work at 430. I had a good feeling about him. Everyday since we met we would always text all day and talk at nights. We would go to movies and dinner, Sometimes i would go to his place to watch a movie. Things were great. I even talked to my pastor about him. I never had a guy treat me so nice and want to spend so much time with me. But i always thought IT"S TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. I was dealing with, "sometimes u have to accept things without questioning it". Well here it goes. He was going through a divorce. From a 3yr and 6months marriage. The end of March was gonna be final. I had asked if he needed his time, but he thought i was just putting any excuse to not talk. Kept talking like it didn't matter. Maybe about two weeks went by. After that, he kept acting a lilttle different he didn't want to go any where i would invite him and he stop calling me and sending me texts. I got to a point where i would do the same but got tired and kept wondering what was wrong with him. Finally i left him a voice mail and ask what was wrong and if his okay, just to let me know what was wrong if he needed me to back away for a while or what? A day later he text me and said im sorry, you was right. im going tru somethings and i cant handle a relationship. I felt so bad reading that. I cried but text him back. Hope everything goes well for you and for him to leave all his worries to god and everything will be alright. And i was glad i met him..... I know it was just a short time i knew him but felt like forever. I miss him so much. He was just right for me. I know i risk it, with what he was going tru but i believed him and thought everything was gonna be fine. Wish i could say i'm over him but i'm not. I think about him all the time. Feels like i"m obsessed with him. I just cant get over him. I forgot to say he lives right around the corner from where i live.. So i see him drive sometimes and i try to hide or not look his way. Feel like i did something bad but its just that i cant face him because i still hurt about it. i don't know what else to do i just cant get over him!
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i feel a little better about this situation. i feel if i see him i can say hi now. I still miss him so much but yeah if its meant to be then the right time will come. Thanks

dont cry if it was meant to be then nothing to be ashame to face it when he is for you im sure it will come back if not then nothing to blame but just let it go.