Its Eating Me Alive

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been together going on 8 months on the 24th My Boyfriend did lose his virginity to me so eairler in our relationship in about october he left me to go with another female my boyfriend did have sex with the young lady while cheating on her with me my boyfriend left her and came back to me i welcomed hime with open arms i wus very destroyed by this crying every night so about a month later i get in trouble with the police i get locked up for about a day or so i come out to see that my boyfriend has unmarried me on facebook ( this was about november ) so i found out he was talking to another girl telling the girl he left me for her but when i came out it was a different story he claims that he wus alone and needed someone yet again im madly in love with him but my heart was so broken i then forgave him again me and him has had a very strong relationship since the past icidents but i still find myself very jeaous very possive i wont let him do anything i want to speak to him on the phone every single minute and i feel he shouldnt have to go through this if he talks to another girl im ready to break up with him i dont have any friends i isolate myself from them thinking he should do the same i have suppisions of him cheating when he says " ill call you back " i find it very diffuclt to trust him and im scared cause i love him soo much i dont wannah loose him and he tells me the same he tells me were made for each other that he loves me but yet again my boyfriend is extremely jealous also we have a very demanding relationship im not complaing i love it this way but im starting to think he doesnt love me as much cause im so possive idk what i should do i love him and i noe hes ver sorry for his mistakes in the past but this leaves me confused on what i should do i find my self cutting very often thinkin about him eleaving me :'( im not sure how i should react im not even sure if im over this yet
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why should i show him ? i dont want him to noe im still dwelling on the past ?? please answer back i need some help

show him this.<br />
show him what you wrote.