I have been dating the same guy for over 2 years now and it has been one hell of a ride. Within the first few months of us dating I discovered emails between him and his ex gf saying that he was still in love with her. He swore to me that he didn't mean it he was just trying to hurt her and he swore to never speak to her again. Then a few months later I found the phone records where he was talking to her once again and even put her in his phone as a co worker. To top it off he was talking to other ex gf's also through texts, phone calls, and emails. Yet again he promised to never do it again and I again took him back. Then he deployed. And oh wow! I didn't know what he was doing while he was gone and it wasn't till he returned home that I found all the damage. He was emailing and IMing 6 ex gfs. One being the one from before and yet again telling her that he was still in love with her. And then I found pornographic videos he had exchanged with another ex gf! Then I also found out that he was talking to a female that he worked with telling her how he was attracted to her and he wanted to kiss her. One day when I was in the garage I found an empty condom box in the tool box and he claimed that they were old and he has had them since before we got together 2 years ago. And while my memory isn't perfect I'm pretty sure that I have been in that tool box and had never ever seen that box. And after all that I'm still here. While I'm pretty sure he hasn't remained in contact with any of his ex gfs I know that they try to contact him. Even now that he has been home for 6 months they still email him and IM him. I screen the phone records daily and I know that he doesn't call or text them and their messages to him make it sound like they haven't spoke in awhile. They say things like "I haven't heard from you in awhile" "How are things going it's been a long time" so I assume that he isn't responding. I have asked him several times to block them but he doesn't and says things like "I don't respond so there isn't a point to" I find an email from one of the ex gfs at least once a month. I even found one today (that he didn't get the chance to read bc I deleted it) I'm freaking out bc we are talking about getting married and I'm not sure if I can. Ohh he even told one of his ex gfs that he cheated on me but I don't know about it and when I asked him he said that he was referring to the telling Brandy that he loved her but I know about that so I have no idea what he is talking about. Oh and the kicker to all this madness is I got pregnant a month after he got home. 
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TWO years.. Wasted.. He sounds like a lustful.... Why would i even be with a serial cheater and sex addict? Wasting two years was really mortyfying.. Pregnant? He's never gonna changed and i'll bet you my citizenship on this fella.. He was not a decent, honest guy, plus he'll be a good for nothing dad.. Irresponsible with no consideration of you, how can he care for the baby, i feel sorry for this unborn.. You can continue with this misery or move on.. Do you enjoy this relationship so much? You may not care about you but please spare a thought for the innocent child, marriage should not even #$^%%& with this guy, are you kidding? It's not funny.. There are so many like him in my country..