I'm Confused

Okay so theres this guy I like we became friends, he hurt me, I said good-bye....then I told him that I missed talking to him and he understood, at first I didn't mind not talking to him then again he does go to my school so I have the chance to see him everyday so it doesn't hurt me that much... so now we started to talk again and I'm soo glad that we do.... but then it hit me one night, I was crying for no reason really, well except for I missed talking to him... but somehow i regreted saying good-bye then again I regreted talking to him because I need to get over him before he goes to college becuase once he leaves these sad feelings that I hadn't be experencing will hit me like as though I ran into a brick wall and I will break into a million peices and no one to help pick them up... I'm so confused as to how I feel about him... ugh what shold I do??

cuteblonde cuteblonde
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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

Thanks K... I think I should get some sleep and maybe i can figure out what I want but ugh I'm so confused... I feel like I need to get as much out of this friendship before he leaves then again I need to move on before I get to involved and end up hurt more than I should be... I really hope God can help even if its just a little what I need is idk I'm soo lost.

'no one to help pick them up'? <br />
L, God invented girlfriends for that sole purpose. <br />
I dont know how to guide you through this, because only YOU can. But I can help you find the solution you have deep within you to this problem, and if you fail, WE fail. <br />
And when you clean up broken things, its much easier when someone else is right there helping you.<br />
ThatIsYouThisIsMeAndHereWeBe.<br />