Does Anyone Get The Urge To Cheat Back?

I'm interested to hear your answers. I don't think I'll ever end up doing it, but sometimes when I am really angry I feel like I want to hurt him back the same way. But it doesn't last long. I always come back to the conclusion that it is not worth bringing rage and fighting into my relationship.

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12 Responses May 30, 2010

once i had a boyfriend whenever he gets drunk, he keeps saying about all the things he does behind my back and definately one of them is cheating, i used to fight with him and leave him. then time passes and he calls me and i feel weak coz i used to love him so much, at this point i was satisfied most when i get back to him coz at this time i have already cheated on him but never told him... it happened many times ( it was not a successful relationship!). just one thing it feels good at the beginning even if he doesnt know and the you feel guilty about it, so my advise to you to just break up with the guy

I feel the exact same way. You are not alone and it is sad to say....but I wanna cheat all the time when I think of my bf and what he did. I want him to feel my pain and say hateful things to get him to cry like I did. I love him but sometimes I look at some fine lookin men and think "should I be thinkin this way?" Just know that there are many women that think this way but we are too big of cowards to act on it because we "love him too much"

all. the. time. But I also know that it's not because I really want to, but because I know that I haven't moved on from it. It's just my minds way of letting off steam when I think about it. I've talked to him about and he knows how I feel, we both know that it will take time. Now, for all I know he hasn't actually had sex with someone else while dating me, I don't have proof of that. Just flirting with other females openly and knowing he's doing it. However, if I ever do catch him cheating in that way I know I wont do it to him as pay back. I'm just gonna leave him and move on with my life. I would never lower myself to his position if that was the case. But it's ok to feel and think that way sometimes. Completely human.

I never feel like I want to cheat back. Im going through a lot with what he did and I would never want to put him through that. And all it will do is make the situation worse. But I do want to kick his *** !

I never feel like I want to cheat back. Im going through a lot with what he did and I would never want to put him through that. And all it will do is make the situation worse. But I do want to kick his *** !

I can relate to that...When I think about all the times bf cheated and what he put me through,how he was such a disrespectful,lying SOB.I think ugh,I should get him back but I can't! I would never want anyone to experience that pain I felt,it was unbearable.

yeah. I think payback is sometimes totally deserved but my understanding is that it won't help you feel better in the long run.<br />
<br />
It's going to hurt you more.

Yup , I do fantasize about it. I would like him to hurt like I have. I know it's wrong though. I would like him to feel what its like to wonder what this other guy might be like that i would gamble our relationship like that. I would like him to have some paranoia wondering if I truely love/loved him. I would like to see him crying his guts out wondering "why"? Like I said, It is just a passing thought when I hurt, because it doesn't seem fair, and it never will be. Im still working on the forgiveness part lol

after my boyfriend shifted ( met/ french kissed) another girl, and i couldnt get over it, he said i could have sex with someone else so I wouldnt break up with him...<br />
<br />
i couldnt even kiss someone else i loved him so much...<br />
<br />
but i still dont trust him, <br />
<br />
sometimes i wish i had.

my bf wont even give me that option he just shifted blame...I feel the same way though

Yes occasionally I want to cheat back but with his cousin, no I don't fancy his cousin but he likes me and I know it'd really hurt him. But then I think why would I want to put myself in that position just to spite him. I've even considered running away with his child just so he feels the hurt he gave me.

Not sure of why he cheated...but if you cant get past it.. your relationship will never last... if you have told him that you forgive him then you have to get past this... you cannot be used as a tool when ever he ****** you off..... you really need to examine what happened and why...he did it just because he could....get rid of him...cause trust me he will do it again, again,,, and again...

I had a husband who ended up cheating and all on me. And I had enough of that. I found that the best way to get back at him was to end things and move on with my life. Yes, it was a lil hard but I am at more peace and happiness than I have ever been. And now he can see what he lost lol. Too bad. I was smart and I am glad I moved on. I wish you all the luck