Children Behind My Back

To cut it short my partner cheated on me with a girl at least 12 yrs younger than himself, he also had a child with her. I chose to stay with him but didn't trust him, the girl phoned me about a year later telling me how she was still with him. I was devostated. I knew he'd been going round to see his child, I wasn't comfortable with this but obviously he had to see his child, I wouldn't like him to ignore ours. When I confronted him he didn't deny it and convinced me we could work it out. I agree. A few months later she phoned me again this time she told me he had another child but not with her and it was a few months older than hers. I knew it was true and again he didn't deny it although he said we weren't together when he had slept with that girl. I did all the crying and screaming and wanted to leave. He couldn't really justify what he had done and HE decided to leave me. 2years later from when this all began I'm still not over him and we've been split up a year. He comes to mine most days to see his child. I find it hard as I still love him. He says we could work it out but the fact I don't trust him and always mention what he did. My family wouldn't speak to me if I got back with him although there partners have cheated on them and I don't get involved. How do I let him go or how do I forgive. Yes he still sees his other children
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Hi... thank's for your reply. I think your a really strong person to put yourself back in the situation and i do believe everyone makes mistakes!!! Obviously your partner loves you,he turned his back on his child to stop the trouble. I do think it's wrong how he's gone about things but the other woman caused it.Truth be known I wish my ex would do the same, but he'd NEVER turn his back on them. IT's been ages since all this began but it still feels so raw. I hurt like i didn't know I could, I hate it when he comes to see our child and goes out as he sometimes gets the kids together and goes out with one of the mothers, they don't have a problem with this but he didn't cheat on them, I haven't seen his kids but i think it's because of the quilt. I wish i was over this but i'm stuck, i don't know where to begin an i don't feel no stronger..x

hi love i now just how u feal my boyfriend cheated when i was pregnant an got her pregnant this was 3 years ago we are still together because he talked me in to it and i wont lie i am only just starting to beleive it it is the hardest thing i have ever had to do and it still torments me mentaly he trys to comfort me but sometimes i cant have him near me but i do love him dearly and i now he loves me because the girl was trying to split us up everytime he went to see his child she would but txten an emailin me that they would be doing things again when i confronted him he said i promise you nothing is going on and i will prove it and he stoped going all together we now its wrong on the child but its wrong where she is usen the child as a weapon an she admited that she got pregnant on purpose to keep my boyfriend but it didnt work thats why she is so bitter nowbut dont worry love you will get over it and what doesnt kill you will make you stronger.