Mt Boyfriend Is On Crystal Meth And Cheated On Me For My Bestfriend.

ive been with my boyfriend for 5 years going on 6 now and we have an almost 2 yr old daughter. he works and i stay at home and take care of our daughter.
My boyfriend is a very great guy, but he has a drug problem. When we had just started dating i found out he has been doing crystal meth and marijuana. As soon as i found out i threatened to leave him and he promised me hed quit. I knew he would do marijuana here and there, but the crystal meth i thought was totally out of the picture. You see, my older brother was a major addict and i grew my whole life around the violence and the mood swings with that. My boyfriend always seemed really mellow and nice so i thought he dropped it completely. When our child was first born he was amazing, always helping me and being there. It wasnt till our daughter was almost half a year old, i saw the tantrums and he started hitting me and coming home late from work. I started thinking he was on the drug again, but when i thought about the money (because i always keep track of it) theres was no way he could be buying it. Plus he would get off work pretty late and hang out with his manager after and i knew his manager wasnt on that. The beatings were on and off and it slowly progressed to him never coming home. My best friend was always there for me, she would help me with money (because he would abandon me for 2 days with nothing for me and our baby) and she would even drive me around at night to try to find him... it went on for a couple of months.
Then one night we went looking for him i asked her to text him to see if he would text back because he was avoiding all my calls. He DID! He asked her to meet him somewhere and i told her to go there so i can tell him off! He ended up showing up at that spot and i ran up to his car and started hitting him! He literally ran away from meand left his car there. I searched his car and even found condoms in there. I was so hurt i couldnt believe it. My heart and mind literally died.
So i called his sister because i didnt know what to do and she told me to have my bestfriend take me to where she was. When we got there his sister started beating up m y bestfriend and was telling me that my boyfriend told their family that he had just slept with my bestfriend last week... I was already dead inside and when i heard that.... my SOUL died too. My friend, the person who was there for me, that saw me cry all those nights.... would see him behind my back..... it still hurts thinking about it.
I ended up going with his sister after all the drama died down. Plus i wasnt about to get in the car with my BACKSTABBING friend! We went and picked up my daughter and went to her house and i ended up finding my boyfriend there. He literally slept and didnt say one word to me. The next day we went home and he told me he was high on the crystal meth and hes been doing it again for awhile. thats why he did all the things hes been doing. It hurt me so bad, but i forgave him and I no longer talk to my bestfriend.
I worked it out for the sake of my family. It happened almost 5 months ago but still.... it flashes in my mind almost everyday and i hold in my pain because we dont talk about it to put it in the past. Hes been better too... we recently just went to the er for his drug withdrawals because he quit. So with the withdrawals happening i know he isnt doing it. Hes been coming home everyday from work and answering and returning all my phone calls. He even spends more time with me and our daughter. I can see the changes, but sometimes my feelings get the best of me and i cant help it. I put away all my pain for my family. But now i want to put it away for good. HELP!
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i know that feeling that hurt and pain my bestfriend had sexual dealings with my boyfriend and she been my friend since second grade they tried to hide it keep dirty little secret and she still was in my face knowing what she did to me i was always there for her through and through u didnt see me if u didnt see her so they messed around she knew i love this man more than air life itself and she blamed it on them getting high on crystal meth and her saying she wish she can take it back idk if i should forgive her or not because when she told me that feel like everything died in me instantly i cant stop thinking about it he apologized even went admit himself in the hospital saying it was a mistake i was so hurt i dont know what to do at times ive had thoughts of sleeping with her boyfriend for get back but 2 wrongs dont make it right i just feel she was cokniving and scandalous from smiling and being in my face knowing what she did and im stilll dealing with this man cause i love him he said he changed it was the drugs that caused this to happen but if i cant trust my significant other or my bff who can i trust it hurts me everyday feels like a knife has gone through my heart what should i do? especially when they both blames it on using meth?

I am sorry to hear of your pain. I am pregnant and just discovered that my boyfriend slept with another woman. After catching him in his lie he confessed his addiction to meth. Which explains where his money goes and the late night walks and all of the mood swings. It is very painful and I do not not if I have it in my heart to forgive the cheating. I do not know if there were other woman. He says he will change and is taking steps to do so but the pain I feel I fear will never go away.

i know what u are going thru my husband of 17 yrs left to be with my friend for # months then she stole his stuff and sold it for meth and he came back with me and our 5 boys i hate hime for it and can not even imagine the things he did with her. it makes me sick he is still addicted to meth and **** and now i wonder what he has done he never comes home

im in the same situation i loved my wife wife with all my heart,just to find out that she was sleeping with my best friend.that was the hardest thing i ever experience i my life. i know your pain and your shame