I am onli 17 years of age, i have this boyfriend and we were together for about a month an he cheated on me with some random person that he met 1 night in the pub, she sat there being so nice to me an then she left. About 20 minutes later he sed he was going home and i never thought anything about it, an he went back to some1's house an slept with her. It came out about a month l8r he denied it and i believed him. Then about a month after THAT, we had a drink 1 night and we ended up in a big fight and he told me the truth.

Sometimes i do regret staying with him an it still devostates me even a year dwn the line. After i found out i lost it, started cheating on him cos i didnt see why i shouldnt and i'm not normally like that. he knows about it and has stayed with me cos he says he loves me and i know he does. But sometimes i just can't bear it.

I will never understand why he done it cos i generally didnt do anything wrong. There will always be that piece of me that will never forgive him, as much as he has changed now it will never make up for what he done, but i love him to much to leave. An now everytime he even talks to a girl i flip. He has done so much for me, but i just dont know what to do.

Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think, it would actually be well appreciated.

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Congrats on sinking as low as he did.

While what he did was wrong and now your just as bad as he is...

You dont love him. If you loved him you wouldnt want to hurt him by cheating on him. Do yourself a favor and break up. He took your virginity so you most likely wont forget him, but its puppy love. Show yourself some self respect and stop slutting yourself around trying to hurt someone who clearly doesnt care.

Besides your young, it isnt like you two were going to get married and if you did it would be a huge mistake, your whole relationship is a lie. He lied to you and you lie to him now. There will never be trust again.


I am in the same exact situation. But I haven't cheated on him. I don't know what to do. And what makes it worse was it was his x girlfriend. N he lied right to my face n told me he didn't cheat but I found out he did.

You should walk away while your attachment is still fresh. 11 years down the line im still with the same guy who has cheated numerous times. After a while its hard to get rid of them, eventually youre just like, LEAVE, but by then they just refuse and act oblivious to how you feel. Its harder once you have kids to. they are no excuse to stay together, but rememeber now y ou have a life time attachment to the person.. which makes decisions a lot more difficult. Oh yeah, and they **** your life up by making you feel like everything is your fault.

well i have been there with my ex he cheated on me so many times he lied to me and when i ask him he denied it until i finally give up caring and i found this wonderful who treat so wonderful and if u think hes the one and you think he change then forgive him if u think he deserve it.

Hey there.

I'm so sorry that happened to you.

I've been in a similar situation, however, I'm not a female. Im a homosexual man.

My parter of 8 years we just celebrated our 8 year anniversary one week ago.

I know him like I know the back of my hand. I know that when he becomes ambiguous about responding to what he's been up to or where he went. I've noticed that he distances himself when we don't spend the night together. He'll call me through out the day. He's short on the phone and he never inquires about what I'm up. Because he doesn't want me to ask him the same. Then he rushes me off the phone, and promises to call me back later.

Later never comes.

He gets up in the morning early every day, no matter what the circumstance.

He tells me he slept in, and he fell asleep the previous night and thats why he never called.

This week, while I was in class, Im a graduate student. I phoned him on my first break. He told me he was hanging with his friend. I didn't think much of it. We decided to meet up, when he arrived, he was making nervous conversation, asking me what I wanted for dinner stuff like that. I remember thinking how wonderful he was to consider me and my studies.

When I get home, I find him laying out on the living room couch watching tv.

He's short with conversation, and after a few minutes he goes to lay down for the evening.

I follow him, and climb into bed with him. I ask him if he wants to have intercourse, and he doesn't say no, and he doesn't say yes, but he complains, that we just had intercourse "the other day" . That is his favorite excuse.

I could understand if having sex wasn't benefitting both parities, but he makes it seem like he's doing a chore that he dislikes doing.

I know now that he cheated on me on Monday, I know now that he went over to a guys house on Tuesday evening.

And knowing that he is a deliberate lier, and a cheat makes me feel so inadequate.

I wish I was better looking

I wish he would respect our commitment the way I've respected it.

It doest ever get better.

Once He cheats, you question everything that he does.

You wonder if he really is going where he says he is.

You wonder who he calls when you try to reach him and his phone is always busy.

you wonder who he is chatting with on the internet, or who he's with when you

re not around.

It makes you so insecure-----that it becomes bothersome for him.

And he will never understand, that once that trust is broken, its very difficult to recapture.

I gave him until the first to get out of my house.

I've stopped helping him out financially and i've blocked him from calling me.

I have to move on, because some one out there will see the wonderful person that I am.

Its so hard. It hurts so much, as I'm writting this, I'm having a difficult time keeping in the tears.


he was my life.

We had a wonderful life together.

Tuesday morning, I noticed how he want to find something to arue with me about, by nit picking on me, making me feel bad about my driving, and just arguing about everything under the sun.

It is my belief and this isnt the fist time this has happened to me, that it's impossible to rehabilitate a cheater.

Don't waste any more energy

dont waste anymore of your precious time.

I'm learning now, that when interviewing potential mates, they have to have values

morals and ethics

and most important of all they have to be able to make the right decision even when one is looking.

After all, I see temptation all around me, and I was committed to him and to our relationship.

I am crying while reading is so unfair...

I know how you feel. I might be younger than you but it hurts just as much. I had this thing with a guy for 2 years. We had dated off and on and finally I was just like this is your last chance. Well we had been going out for 3 months when I finally found out that a week after he asked me back out he got a blow job from some other girl. IT crushed me. I stayed with him and ive been with him for 6 months now. Its been so hard but end the end I love him so much that we would be more miserable apart then together.

I know exactly how you feel. I was 17 years old when my boyfriend of what it was 6 months cheated on me. It's been two years and month yesterday and it still hurts me like nothing ever has till this day. He didn't stop at that either. He did little things like texting girls inappropriate things. He even asked a girl to have phone sex. He cheated on me again close to our year and a half, but it was never proven. He denied it, but I'll never believe him. He says he's changed and I need to realize it. It might be true, but going through what I've been through with him has left me very hurt.

i know exactly how you feel. this happened to me and i found out 2 days after christmas. actually, i found this site cuz i was googling up how to get over things like this.

when my boyfriend first cheated, i wanted revenge. i SO wanted sweet, sweet revenge. i began plotting ways on getting even, people i could have sex with because, even tho i lost my virginity to him, he cheated on me, and i felt that gave me full rights to cheat right back.

but what you've got to understand is you DON'T ahve full rights. it hurts me so bad to think about what my boyfriend did, but, y'know, just because he was an *** and cheated on me, doesn't mean I've got to do it back. i still love him to death (accept when i think about him cheating and want to slam my fist through a wall) and and i do want to be with him, and i wont ruin myself and cause myself more pain by being like him, because im better than him. i KNOW what i want and i KNOW i wont stoop to that level.

it's all a matter of whether ur cheating to get even, or cheating to get over that pain? i'd prefer getting over the pain with my man, not with other guys.