2 Years And It Still Hurts The Same...

It was July 2009, when my heart was broken to the point where it could never fully be repaired. My boyfriend went to Summerfest with his friends and what not. Well that night he decided he was mad enough at me to throw all my feelings aside and have sex with another girl, who I knew too. I didn't find out for a few months, so he just totally kept it a secret from me. Until one day when him and I broke up, one of his friends finally told me. I was heart broken, devastated. I had never felt so hurt in my life!

But that's only the beginning. Him and I are still dating and have been for since last year. He's apologized countless times and everything. But I don't feel any less hurt. Every time I see the car it happened in, the place where it happened and the girls facebook I just want to cry. It still hurts so bad to this day. Maybe it's because he planned on never telling me and still decided to stay with me for months even after doing it was her. I don't know what to do anymore. We have a son together now who is 3 months old, so leaving for this just doesn't seem like an option. He hasn't done anything since I am 100% sure of, but it's just that fact that he did....

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Yea my boyfriend cheated on me after two and a half years of us living together at my parents house after i cut everything in half for him and gave him all of my time aside from being at work he thought he had enough reasons to cheat! I couldn't stand how betrayed I felt i seriously felt like slicing his head off! But I loved him sooo much. Yes, its been a couple months since then and we're still together, yes he had sex with that person by the way and I'm pregnant. But I still hate him for it, I want to get an abortion though and still forget all about him but its hard especially when all my old girlfriends are out of town now in school I want to go to school now and forget all about that crap and start a new life but....a part of me actually a huge part of me has decided its not the babies fault I should have it and still forget about him.

I know how you feel, kinda. I got cheated on and just found out four days ago. Its been a year since it happened. He kept it hidden from me for a year. No, he didn't have sex with another girl ( I don't see how you stayed with him) but I still hurt. And cry. We've been together for two years, but it feels like the past year has just been a lie. I don't think he'll ever do it again, though I have NO trust in him, but yes, the fact that he did..