That is how I feel. As I sit here completely sobbing, I have no idea how to heal. I left my husband last year because he was a total wast of 10 years, lets leave it at that. I met the most amazing person. We got an apartment togather. In July 2007, I found out that I was pregnant. On August 21st I found out he cheated on me with an ex-girlfriend of his. 1. he had her over our apartment while I was at work and 2. a week later her met her for dinner and they has sex again in her truck. I found out on the web...imagine that. He said he only wants me and his excuse it that "it was just sex" but I cry every day and im sick of it. I cant talk to anyone about it and when I breakdown to him he has no idea of how to console me. He changed his phone number and deleted his online accounts... not because I told him to. The only reason I stayed with him was because I was pregnant. Horrible reason but right thing to do for me at that time. I mean what an embarrasment. Please help me...I dont know how to erase this from my memory..

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Well, 10 years ago I was with a guy who cheated on me repeatedly. I have now been with a different guy for 9 years this September. I can tell you it's not something you will forget. It's an experience you will have to learn from to make yourself a stronger person. Staying with him may be what you want to do for now, but just consider how things will be even a year from now or more. If he is out late one night you will wonder if he was with a woman, you will worry while you are at work, you will be afraid to introduce him to any female friends you have, etc etc.... If you are only staying because of the child work out visitations and custody. Truly if you worry all the time what he is doing it will eat at you, cause depression, mis-trust where it isn't due. It took me 5 years to come to terms that my husband of 9 years now was not like the man I had been with, and sometimes I still get afraid. Just learn from the experience and try to move on as best you can