My Partner Cheated And We Meant To Be Getting Married In Several Months

Ok so I just found out that my partner of 11 years cheated on me with three different people, I always knew deep down she had cheated on me but I want confirmation, she wouldn't tell me at first and kept d
Lying and saying no she hasnt but than I kept asking her all the time had she cheated and finally she admitted she had and said it was with three People and that she had been drinking each time, we meant to be getting married in a fEw mOnths and she says she loves me and it was a mistake and that she is sorry and doesn't want to lose me and that it happened many years ago and will never happen again I do love her but just can't get images out Of my head of her sleeping with other people I want to gEt Past this but don't know how any suggests?
Ji1209 Ji1209
May 8, 2012