I Dont Know What To Do... We Are Getting Married Soon!!

I really need some advice. I am 25 years old and My fiance and I are supposed to be getting married in 4 months. Everything is so so perfect. He treats me like a princess looks after me so well and makes me feel beautiful. was telling me last week that he has never been happier and cant believe life can be this great. We never have any serious arguments and our life just seems so perfect, all our goals and plans are in place and its so exciting. We have also nearly paid about 30 000 for our dream wedding which is on the the 29th of september.


 I have had a few little issues with him, one being adding random girls to his facebook im guessing just to look at them. And then I once caught him talking  very inappropriately to a random girl who started talking to him telling him how good looking he is ...  he tried to explain it all by saying he thought it was his mates being **** heads that no random girls tells a guy that (does he think im stupid). all this happen about 2 years ago and since then i have always checked up on him every now and again and have found nothing... he stopped adding girls and i never found any msgs.


Until A few days ago I went onto his facebook and found that he had been talking to his ex (who is married herself and trying for there first baby). I know that they always chat because he tells me and I can see their convos and its always very inocent usually about me and him or her and her husband. But The stuff they were saying to each other this time just made me sick. Telling her how heart broken he was when she got married so pretty much decided to settle down to get over the pain, told her that if she got a divorce that he would call off the wedding... and when she replied serious? he answered with .... ? he was telling her how beautiful she is and how he missed cuddling her at night... but then in the next sentence would sayy ahhh what am i doing im getting married... and then tell her that im such a great person etc. When i confronted him he told me he was playing around and it wasnt serious... he told me he called her the next day to make sure that she knew he was only muking around and wanted to know what she would say.... but it really doenst look like a joke.  I feel so hurt that he could talk to her like this, i know that he would never be with her and he keeps telling me he is going to do anything to get my trust back and make me proud to call him my husband.. how do you get over this like this tho??? how do i know he hasnt done this more than the times i have seen and how do i know he wont do it again?


Am I so stupid to stay with him? I know we always want to think the best of the ones we love so i do want to believe that he didnt mean it and i could never imagine being with anyone else i love him so much and its killing me even thinking about breaking up with him... I just always told my self i would never be one of those needy girls that stayed with there cheating partners but it is so much harder when it actually happens to you. I know he would never literally go and get with another woman but to me what has been said is just as bad.


Please someone tell me what you would do??? im going crazy and im so embarrassed to go and talk to any of my girlfriends
tamara263 tamara263
May 10, 2012