Boyfriend Cheated Multiple Times

Wow, where do I start with this story. My boyfriend and I were dating for a month before he cheated on me by sleeping with a random girl from a club. I study in a different town so we have a long distance relationship. Two days after he first cheated, he came to visit me and I had no idea. About a month after that, I broke up with him (I go through these moods) a day later I regretted it and asked him if he wanted to work on our relationship. He agreed. On that same day, his ex girlfriend emailed me telling me that they had just had sex and he kicked her out. When I asked him to tell me everything, he admitted to cheating on me with six girls. Two of them he slept with (this includes his ex). We broke up for a few months and I moved on. A month after I got back home, we started talking again. He was amazing. He put up with all my insecurities. He never went out, he changed friends, he stopped smoking and drinking as much. He was always there when I needed him. It was hard for me to move on because of the amount of times he cheated before so I was constantly breaking up with him. Last week I did it again. I broke up with him, deleted everything of his and told him not to contact me again. Once again, I regretted it a few hours later. When I phoned him to work it out, he started crying and said that I had pushed him over the edge. Turns out that once again, he had slept with his ex. I don't know what to do now. I know I was wrong to take him on a roller-coaster ride but that's no excuse for what he has done to me. In a bid to regain my trust, he proposed and begged me to let him move to the town I live in even though it would mean leaving his career and family behind. I love him so much, but he just keeps hurting me.
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I live a similar life! I love my boyfriend so much too and I did the same things, breaking up with him everyday for cheating on me once. I pushed him over the edge and he got drunk and smoked marijuana and had sex with his half sister who didn't want to have sex with him! Its twisted I know, but my heart still wants to love him and have the relationship we both want to have. :'( He claims that if he wasn't under the influence he would've never done such a thing and i definitely believe him but it is no excuse. ughh my head is spinning.

What you could consider is whether this person will be a good role model for your future children. How can he teach them about love, loyalty and respect if he doesn't live by the same values?

I went through a similar situation but with some differences. I don't think this is a black and white decision if it was that easy we all would just know what to do but that is not the case. I personally think it takes a lot of different events that build up and they eventually take a toll on us to where we reach our breaking point. You sound like you just need to decide when you have had enough because from my own experience, you can stay with that person but the relationship is never the same as it once was. It's like a vase that gets broken, you can glue it back together but that does'nt mean you can't still see the cracks. But just like you I feel I can't be without my boyfriend even though I know it is probally the better thing for me considering I feel I can never trust him again ( I feel like I am always looking over my shoulder) and just like you I feel I can't let the pain and betrayl of my boyfriend sleeping with other women go. I hope you and I both get through this similar situation.

Sorry to say this, but he will do it again. Don't waste your time.