Thinking About Never Dating. Or Just Dating Robots From Now On

After four years of being together with a man who cheated on me within the first 6 months of dating...things finally came to an end. And once again they were because of the "other girl".

He could never seem to get her out of his life....they work for the same company but in different states (we moved) and she would always find a way to get him to talk to her would be a call with a question about a work thing...then it would turn into they "hey how have you been" and steadily progress from there

I gained access to the phone bill and saw hundreds of texts over the period of three months and I knew....the entire time he swore she wasn't a part of his life he was lying again.

Clearly she gave him something that I couldn't, he said he appreciated how nice she always was to him.

Yeah I guess I was more bitter than I realized. I felt like I was always good to him but looking back I think there was always a part of me that hated myself and was ashamed that I choose to stay with someone who didn't love me the way I loved him.

I don't get why us girls beat ourselves up over guys who cheat on us. Why do we try so hard to better ourselves and to "fix" the relationship..
he broke it in the first place.

But even though he swears again that nothing sexual happened I think the fact that I know he's emotionally so attached to her was what really just tipped me over the edge.

I'm not willing to live my life being afraid that he's doing it again, and I certainly don't want to turn a blind eye to him any longer.

I guess at this point I'm pretty sure that I won't be even thinking about dating or trying to be with anyone for a very very long time.

I get the feeling that if I can just be happy with myself I will be happier than I ever was with any boyfriend.
ElizabethOtelia ElizabethOtelia
1 Response May 23, 2012

Don't let him get away with it by winning both of you. You're right about leaving him, let that other girl have him all she wants. They look like they deserve each other. When you and him least expect it, what he did will come back and bite his *** (some people call it karma). He might regret making you leave but it'd be too late. You can enjoy the show or just move on to live happily without him :)