I've been dating my boyfriend for 2 & a half years, He's a marine, & I barely ever get to see him, he's in japan now, but soon before he left, I went to see him on base, and the next weekend after I left I asked him if he could try to come home so I could see him one last time and he gave me some excuse why he couldn't and I found out that he did come home & lied to me and said he didn't.
He slept with a girl, drunk, just slept with her & kissed her. nothing else.
BUT... they texted after and I read the conversation, it seemed like he really liked her.
he took her to his house after & introduced her to his dad.
They supposedly never did anything more than kiss.
but he gave her his address and email to talk to him while he was deployed in japan.
he didnt think id find out and it was about 3 weeks ago when i did, he hasnt spoken one word to her since & told me it was a horrible mistake and he lost the most important thing in his life, he said he wants to marry me when he comes back in 5 months and get a place with me. I can't seem to look past him doing this to me.. even though I love him more than anything.
I need opinions.. what would you do
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My Boyfriend Did Something Like This To Me On His Extended Leave After Boot. :'c But He Was Never Physical With The Girl Never Even Saw Her. But It Was Emotional Cheating. While He Was sitting Next To Me He Would Text Her And Call Her Babe And They Ended Up Making Plans To Sleep Together But Then I Found Out. . .I didn't know what to believe. and then the girl was my "BestFriend" he said it never went further than words and he couldnt go through with it because he loved me too much we fought the whole time he was home on leave it was horrible. but he proved he changed. . . some guys just don't know what the have in front of they're face.

You should make sure that he really has changed. Guys can change but it ususally takes an event to be a wake up call. But you need to think about the fact that it doesnt sound like it was just a meaningless one night stand. It sounds like he had feelings for her. Personally, I would rather a meaningless one night stand then him liking her and bringing her home. But if you know in your heart that he won't do it again and that you can forget about it then you should try to work through it.