Ok so it's been 8 days since I found out he cheated on me, we have talked a lot about things and decided to work through it. I really do love him I always have.I'm just finding it so hard, Today has been a bad day. When he left for work all I could think about was them together and how it was so easy for him to lie to me. I want my relationship to work I really do its just so hard to move past this. Please help me....
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I was in your shoes about a year ago. He said he would change and it was hard for me to trust him again but i did. I loved him so I gave it another shot. But on new years day (so last week) I found out he had not changed. It was devastating because I gave him another shot and he promised. Just keep an eye on him because ones a cheater always a cheater. I rem my friend telling me that but I ignored it and went back to him. Now I'm hurt and getting out of bed everyday is so hard.

I know how you feel, I have dealt with the same thing. My boyfriend cheated with an ex girlfriend via facebook chat. They discussed their past and what they missed and what they would do to each other if they were together at that very moment. I was heartbroken when I discovered it. His sister had just passed away and I know he was vulnerable and dealing with a lot and it was provoked by her. I decided to try and work through this with him. I have exactly the same feelings as you. He is close with coworkers and talks to people on the internet and his phone all the time. I am always concerned it will happen again and am now in therapy to try and get passed it, but there is still that feeling of inadequecy, and this is really hard for me. I still see them together in my dreams, and thoughts and the tears come all over again. I just wanted you to know you are not alone. I am dealing with the same kind of situation. We have been together almost two years, but I have known him for 17 years when we were in other relationships. Good luck honey. I hope it all works out.

Did he delete his ex after you found out? I'm sorry. My boyfriend did same but he did unfriend her. He gave me his password and I'll check but still have trouble trusting.

My dear talking about it is half the battle! !! If you can do that. You can make it!!! Good luck.

Thanku for ur advice and hugs :-). I have spoken to him about this and he said it was only about the sex between them he said she would let him do things that I wouldn't do, he said he didn't want me to do some of the things because he didn't want me to feel uncomfortable and that's why he did it.