Its Been A Year

So my boyfriend cheated on me a little over a year ago and I still struggle to deal with it. A friend suggested I look for a support group so I did a search and came across this site. We have been together for 6 years and have 2 children together. He has done pretty much everything to prove to me he would never do this again and that he wants to be with me. We have had the talks and gone through almost every detail. Still I have issues. I thought I had worked through them but found out I was wrong and maybe never dealt with them at all. Maybe things are just coming up now I'm not really sure but the smallest things trigger thoughts and feelings. I try to talk to him about them and he does try to be understanding and help but its not working for me. So here I am. I'm out of ideas. Sometimes I feel completely alone and lost. I've realized that I have no self esteem since this happen so this is a struggle for me also.
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so sorry this has happened to your relationship,,,if you would like to talk more in depth,, would love to hear from you,,,talking really does help,,,

It's been a little over two years since my boyfriend cheated on me, and I am in the same boat as you. He has my trust, mostly, I don't think he'd ever do it again, but every so often I have these sneaky thoughts pop into my head. All a sudden I'm thinking about something he said about her, or I find myself just angrily thinking of times in the past. I'm sorry I have no ideas on what to do, just wanted you to know you're not alone.

Its like that for me. Except it almost all the time. I see something or remember something. Sometimes I get mad at myself for not asking him a certain question. Thank you. It really means alot and i feel less like a crazy person now.