Want My Man To Pay Attention To Me Only!!!

So It's the story of my life, I meet a guy and fall head over heals in love...I think wow this is perfect! Then bam the real jerk he is shows up, total 180. Now I am hurt and want to know I am better then some nasty sleaze he is talking to. I want to get even I want to hurt him. Am I sane?
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you're sane its normal to feel that way but really its not worth it. dont give him the satisfaction of you caring. just leave him and break off all communication with him

You are sane, love. You would be insane to not be hurt by his disrespect. The best way that you can get even is to let him go. When he realizes what he missed out on, it will be worse torture on his soul than anything you could do to his body.

This is true ! I want him to hurt

Trust me his spirit is already hurt. That is proven by his disregard for you. May I ask why you lack confidence in yourself? Why you should feel the need to be told you are better than some "nasty sleaze", as you put it?

Guess it all comes down to the choice to be with her, even though he had me. Was I not enough to please him? Those silly things I dare ask myself, even though I know he is crazy.

Sweetheart, let me tell you something that I have learned: you can be the best wife, friend, lover that you can be; you can turn yourself inside out to change in order to be the woman that a man would want you to be. In the end he is going to do what he chooses to do. You have to love yourself and have pride in yourself. You know what kind of person you are. Are you comfortable with that person? Do you love her? Until you do so, men will continue to use you but only because you allow it. I wish you love and luck! You are not luvless unless you choose to be my dear.

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The worse thing you could do is to stupe to his level, show that you are much better than that. I know how this feels, thing is it took a lot longer to show itself.

You are much bettter than that honey

if you have respect for yourself, you'll know you deserve better :)

You're perfectly sane...just wasting your time that could be spent pursuing a better man by allowing the jerk to preoccupy your time, plotting how to get revenge. Let him go...he's already proven that he's not worth your time. Why throw good times after bad, pursuing a dead end? Think of the guys you could have tonight if you focused on that goal instead. Just a thought.

Wow, that is an amazing response. You are absolutely right, I did end it last month before I went into lowering myself to shady things. I fortunately have too much love for myself to let a fool sell me short. Ty for your comment!!

It depends on your definition of getting even. Think about making yourself feel better, think about the future, stop thinking about him,