Put The Past Behind Us

At first I was so angry with this other woman. Honestly I can't even call her the other other woman..I call her that thing.. He calls her his mistake. I'm not mad anymore. I'm actually over it. I realized a few things that I should thank her for. She made us both realize how much we had to lose if we lost each other. Our son who is to young to understand what's been happening was the first thing. He was planned and there is no doubt how much we both love him. He met her through some friends and of course they had sex when I had a family trip to go on. He never told me about her I found out through our friends. I told him after we had sex that if he didn't tell her that he would have to leave. In the end he chose to stay and work on his family. I am grateful everyday for that choice. If he still talks to her or has a 6 month plan then I don't know & I think she would be very angry to know that our relationship has become better because of her. I am doing things for myself now that I had never done before. By his own idea we go out everywhere together. He changed phones and numbers. Erased all of her info and threw out all the stuff she got him. She's never met me except through the phone. She did not know anything about me and I don't care if she ever does. I know about her and where she lives. I know her friends and where she works. I've seen her on Facebook which she and all of her friends are blocked on. Starting over is hard and painful but worth it. Sometimes you need a fresh start and a whole new perspective on life. Yes it hurts that it happened. I would loved to have put a brick to the side of her face when it first happened, but I didn't. All I feel for her now is pity. She lost a fight that was a woman's fight. If she ever made the mistake of trying again I won't hesitate to knock her on her *** with the way this family has changed. She has no place here and she knows it. I hope one day she does find love with someone who is meant for her. I hope she never has to go through what I did. People should not have to worry about getting blood tests because of what there partners have done. Kids shouldn't have to wonder why mommy or daddy didn't come home or why they fight all the time. I grew up in that same situation and that is why I have fought so hard to fix this. Make no mistake I will keep fighting. I don't back down from bullies or from girls who think they are grown. I have been beyond devistated by what happened but like a Phoenix I rose from the ashes. I have always been strong but he finally saw that even I break and that was what broke his heart. So now we are growing stronger together. I know I posted this under I can't get over my boyfriend cheating on me.. But I did it to prove to others you can and will.
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Dec 10, 2012