Me and my boyfriend would have been together two years next week. We were literally so happy together and everyone always commented on how perfect our relationship was. Last night i found out he cheated on me by sleeping with a girl 8 months ago. This came out nearer the time but he denied it and i believed him. Its come out that he has been texting another girl and he has kissed girls on recent nights out. He has not admitted all of this. I love him and want to stay with him forever i honestly thought i would. He is honestly the most amazing person ive ever met i just want to forget about it and put it in the past, id do anything to be able to move on with him. What should i do?
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i don't want to be harsh but he will not change. part of you wants to believe it but he will just find other ways to hide it. I am going through the same thing and my instincts were telling me something was off a few months ago. but i finally found out he met up with a couple of girls. he denies cheating but I'm sure they did not meet up just to "talk". My ex never really admitted to it either. At least if you are caught admit to it and apologize you know? i thought he was the one too. but it's better to get out now before it's even worse and you have kids or something....

he wants to grow a pair and be honst with you and if he was a desent enough man then he might start to be trusted

Never doubt yourself for one moment. You did the right thing and many of us here could learn from that. It takes tremendous courage and strength to stand up for yourself and end it. Trust me when I say will not stop. He will only get better at hiding it and you can bet that he will only admit what he has to. For every thing you catch him doing it would seem reasonable to assume that there were ten that you did not. Is this the life that you want? I know in your heart you are hoping that he will change but a good indicator of future behavior is past behavior. You sound like a great person and deserve better then this so be strong.

It's hard to forgive or forget something like that. I went thru the same thing. But I realized that I wasn't going to be able to move past it. I tried but we always end up arguing about it, it made me so insecure, paranoid, unhappy. I didn't want to live my life that way. I left him . It took some time but now I'm happy no stress , anxiety , fear, or doubt. I know, know one wants to be alone. But honestly sometimes it's the healthy way to go . Good luck I hope u can make a decision that's best for you .

sorry to hear that...I am a firm believer that once a cheat, always a are young, don't waste your life on someone like that. You have to re-prioritize, and you are not #1 right now. Love yourself first, then find the one for you. The one for you should compliment you, not complete you...