Not Me

I was with this guy for almost 3 years. I thought he was going to be the one. About 2 years into our relationship i went through his phone and found inappropriate texts from a girl. I wanted to break up with him but he talked me into staying. His argument was they were only texts with someone he never even met. So I gave him another chance because i truly loved him and he said he would never do it again. But on new years day this year I went through his phone again when he was asleep. I never like going through his phone because I don't want our relationship to be based on no trust. But i did... a girls has her instincts. I did not find any texts but I found an app on his phone for online dating and meeting new people. He was talking to 10+ girls at a time. Mind you, the content was very inappropriate and sick. I was sitting there balling my eyes out. I broke up with him and he finally confessed. He said that he met up with a couple of them through that online app but never did anything. But i spoke to one of the girls he was talking to and she told me that they actually met up and he was expecting to get some action. But they never did anything. When i confronted him about it he admitted to it and said that he would have never gone through with it had she agreed to "do more". I want to believe him but I can't. I already gave him a second chance and I feel he will never change? I never knew this would happen to me.
livingon livingon
Jan 4, 2013