Physical Discomfort

It's gotten to a point now that when I think about him with her, even though he's not mine anymore, I start shaking.

My entire body is lit up on "Go", and I begin to vibrate from head to toe. My hair is moving, my teeth are rattling, my knees are quaking. I can feel my insides squirming with the motions.

Then, I take a deep breath and it stops. Just as suddenly as it starts.

I'm just so angry. And the mad can't escape.

So, I shake.
enbeejay enbeejay
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 15, 2013

Egg and toilette paper his house.

Don't try and push it away, that's what I did and I have felt the pain for years.

It's okay to cry. Crying helps in every way.

I know that exact feeling.