Hurt, Confused, Don't Know What To Do:/

I have been with this guys for over 4 years! We got engaged about one year into our relationship but broke it off but we still hung out all the time and what not. Then about a year later we got engaged again and things started to look up but one again broke it off but continued to date on and off, then finally this Xmas he asked me again so no it has not really been that long but we are still together just fight a lot!

So about 6 months ago he told me that he cheated on me. I had my suspensions about it and I told he but he always denied it. I looked through his phone and fb numerous times and caught him talking to other girls but what they said never seemed to lead to sex so I tired to just forget it. I always had my thoughts but u really want to trust the one u love.

Turns out I was right he finally told me after a year of it all happening but it was not only with one girl but two. And one being my friend who I would sit and talk to everyday about my relationship with her and she would give me advice turns out behind my back she had sex with him. And he also slept with another girl whom I don't even know. But kept it from me for over a year but finally told me.

I was done with him to begin with but we talked and worked it out and I thought everything was okay but idk if it is. It's six months later and things still bother me idk how to get over it. I'm super jealous I just found out he was talking to a girl tonight, just a friend, I guess but it still bothers me what do I do!

I love this man with all my heart I want mother more than to be with him and marry him someday he's my soul mate but I want to get over this I want to be okay with him talking to other girls I guess because I can't control his life. I just don't know the steps to take to forget about this what do I do??? He's 23 I'm 24 please help:(
Nicoleh7213 Nicoleh7213
22-25, F
Jan 20, 2013